ART we LIKE: Pierre Jean-Louis

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Previously the work of Pierre Jean-Louis has appeared here and gotten quite a lot of attention. Thought it well past time to highlight some newer work!

Dance: The Universal Language

First, if you have not already, please watch the hour-long program titled “Celebrating African-American Women & Dance” held at the White House by FLOTUS Mrs. Obama yesterday. Below are screenshots that I gathered of the event while watching it a few times. Sorry there aren’t more, but capturing dance & screengrabbing it from a 740p stream is not ideal. The Ballet & Hip-Hop were too hard to capture anything crisp or clear, while also being well composed.


Traditional _ African

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This is art in its best, in the moment, everyone is present, there is no room to go out or think about anything else.


That we are celebration… Dance is truly the international language of the world.


We are dancing to that beat. That One. The One, The One that comes from the mother continent Africa.


It is the universal language & we speak it everywhere.

—Debbie Allen
#DanceAtTheWhiteHouse gifs via WeAreWakanda

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Afroculinaria: Bourdain’s Charleston Episode

Enter the debate on cultural appropriation and culinary justice. It’s not the import of the meaning of  white and black but rather power and opportunity that are at stake.  We are not here to assign guilt, lay blame or encourage shame. Simply put, it is not sustainable to pretend that the reality of food and illusion of race are not intertwined in American life.

via Food historian says Bourdain dodged important issues in Charleston show | Afroculinaria

+Note: Great article & further comments from Food Historian Micheal Twitty (@koshersoul) after a tweet storm yesterday & a featured write-up in the Post CourierYou can also follow him on Facebook.

‘Cecil’ was not my beloved… but his death made me think


Few (if any) of these people rallying for ol’ Cecil have shown their public concern and care for Zimbabweans (beyond stifled jokes about the country being mismanaged and some such “woe is Zimbabwe and her faceless people” type jibes). I’m not asking that they do, but that they don’t is quite telling.

Amidst all the white noise, it’s become apparent to me that a lion, as you must already know, is more valuable than any Zimbabwean. Me included. Continue reading