What a Finale, amirite?

While this season was both shortened and almost devoid of any real meme-heavy moments that have hallmarked previous seasons, and as such didn’t find me reveling in –or posting– them. A quick recap of the moments that thrilled me the most about this shortened season, and the finale in particular. While fan art is still generated rather regularly, it seems that it doesn’t have the same intensity that it once did.


Game of Thrones Finale
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ART we LIKE: Empty Porn Sets

When all was quiet and the bodies had gone home she would photograph the aftermath of the day’s shoots. The resulting works have a stillness to them in complete contrast to the frenetic industry of which they are the traces.

These are playgrounds of cheapish fantasy which are left like historical documents to the sex act. At first they have the appearance of a show-home in questionable taste. The colours are vivid and the structure at once basic and commercial looking. Then you look again and see the clues… a bottle of lubricant, a dildo, lights at the edge of the frame, glimpses of the studio beyond. It slowly becomes apparent that these are fantasy landscapes, rude pictures without the nudity.

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Foxy Brown (1974) — Art of the Title

Art of Title_Foxy Brown

…its presentation is a deliberate and unsubtle homage to Maurice Binder’s early James Bond titles, lending breakout star Pam Grier credibility by association while maintaining a controlled aesthetic all its own. However, unlike Binder’s treatment of women as graphic backdrops for his titles, here the format is flipped on its head, with Foxy Brown front and center as an independent, sexy female lead.

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It could be your brother too, or your sister, or your children. I want justice for all of them.FOXY BROWN

Why Space: 1999 is Eternally Retro Cool

Sorella Lamp by Studio Tecnico Harvey featured in Space: 1999

People sometimes dismiss Space: 1999 as a fatally kitschy space adventure, full of unconvincing aliens and wah-wah guitar histrionics. But many of the design elements of Space: 1999 still look incredibly cool today. Like the above lamp, the Sorella Lamp created by Studio Tecnico Harvey, which is now considered a prime example of 1970s retro design awesomeness — to the point where it’s gone back into production recently for the first time since 1980.

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