What a Finale, amirite?

While this season was both shortened and almost devoid of any real meme-heavy moments that have hallmarked previous seasons, and as such didn’t find me reveling in –or posting– them. A quick recap of the moments that thrilled me the most about this shortened season, and the finale in particular. While fan art is still generated rather regularly, it seems that it doesn’t have the same intensity that it once did.


Game of Thrones Finale
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Less Time at Awards Shows More Time Writing, k?

George RR Martin is now competing with Game of Thrones.

George R.R. Martin at Brit Awards withTypewriter Gif

In an interview with IGN, GRRM indicated that he was still hard at work on The Winds of Winter, which won’t be coming out any time soon, and that he was very pleased with a new twist he had come up with: “It involves a couple of characters, one of whom is dead on the show but not dead in the books. The show can’t do this stuff, because they killed a character that I have not killed.” Continue reading

Where art thou Jon Snow?

Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Says No Winds of Winter Before Season 6

But sheds light on that Jon Snow cliffhanger.

As he has in the past, Martin makes an argument that there’s still plenty for book readers to get from his finished version of the story even if HBO is going to beat him to most of the narrative punches. “Just consider,” Martin writes. “Mago, Irri, Rakharo, Xaro Xhoan Daxos, Pyat Pree, Pyp, Grenn, Ser Barristan Selmy, Queen Selyse, Princess Shireen, Princess Myrcella, Mance Rayder, and King Stannis are all dead in the show, alive in the books. Some of them will die in the books as well, yes… but not all of them, and some may die at different times in different ways.”

(read more about Jon Snow by clicking the SPOILERS below)

via Game of Thrones: George R.R. Martin Says No Winds of Winter Before Season 6 | Vanity Fair

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5 Characters GRMM Wishes…

Note: Was so happy to read that George R.R. Martin & I miss the same characters in the series. I’ve redacted the reasons he gave, you can click on the link below to read them, but was in agreement throughout. The Tyrells being the only exception, don’t remember them much from the books, and couldn’t care less. Instead I was hoping Samwell would get to go to Old Town, and the scenes/characters there which intrigued me, but * Sigh * we soldier on…

Martin himself admits that the show could never have included the entirety of his massive cast list, which meant that important figures like “Nimble” Dick Crabb, Aenys Frey, and Dickon Manwoody failed to make the cut. Still, he says, among the missing there are five whose absences hurt most of all. (Spoilers within!)

  • Strong Belwas
  • Jeyne Poole
  • Garlan and Willas Tyrell
  • Lady Stoneheart

via 5 Characters GRMM Wishes GOT Would Have Included | Vulture.


GoT: George RR Martin @ 92Y

Listen:  Hear him talk about the books

George R.R. Martin on The World of Ice and Fire

This is a fascinating romp through his mind & the various worlds that is a must-listen for any die-hard fan of Game of Thrones or readers of the books in the A Song of Fire and Ice series. Found it fascinating how they created this new compendium and the fact-checking fans creating a hybrid process by which we receive a fully fleshed out world. This sort of thing seems only possible in this era, and really fascinates me for other author/fan collaborations. Now if George would just write faster… 🙂

via George R.R. Martin on The World of Ice and Fire: 92Y Talks Episode 14 by 92Y| Soundcloud.

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