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Uhura with child saying "Representation Matters"+Commentary: OMGOMGOMGOMG. NO. ZZZZZZZOOOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG! This is like the greatest crowdsourced casting suggestion I’ve ever seen. Then add a pitch perfect piece of fan art that photoshops her in the uniform looking forward to taking on entire galaxies & solving crisis like a Bawse! I can’t even take the idea that they would now cast anyone else, and hopefully she would consider it a challenge. Having not read anything other than the hashtag on Twitter, and being late to the party surrounding it — let me put forth that if they wrote it so she was Uhuru’s daughter. I’d DIE. Literally, up & die screaming at the TV.  Growing up with the original series, and really connecting with Nichelle Nichols out of all the characters, then watching the Saturday Morning Cartoon series, and imagining when I finally grew up there would be a job waiting for me that took me to outer space. *sigh* that never happened tho’ 😦

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What it’s actually like to be a Black employee at a tech company

There is also a financial incentive for tech companies to invest in a diverse workplace. Advertisers are eager to crack the ethnic code and commodify online communities like Black Twitter. Explaining the social and search habits of these users often falls on the handful of Black employees, without regard to their position or team.Until my tenure at Twitter, I strongly resisted being “the Black guy.” I didn’t want to be the sole representative of a multifaceted group of people or be siloed into focusing on Black issues. My position shifted after the shooting death of Mike Brown and the inception of the “Black Lives Matter” protests. I realized that I and other Black employees could be the voice for a community of users who had been largely ignored or misunderstood by social media companies.

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Black Twitter contains Multitudes

At any time, among the millions of Twitter users who identify as black, there are infinite subsets of trending conversations, of jokes and causes and connections being made and discussed. Black Twitter has the potential to diversify the way we approach traditional news reporting and to influence which stories relevant to people of color receive adequate national coverage. It provides an immediate platform for audiences of color to challenge the news institutions that report on their communities. But any journalistic beat dedicated to covering this vast community will inevitably run into issues by focusing on just one story at a time, or just one range of responses to that story. It’s an idea that runs counter to the essence of all Twitter activity, which is rapid, constant and varied.

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Note: Read the whole thing at the link above, it is entirely too short – it just gets started and stops IMHO. Rolling Stone should hire her to write way more!