Christmas Cheer!

Feeling Festive? 

Below is a gallery of all the Christmas-themed posts that have appeared through the years with the links below (or in the captions)

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‘The Junky’s Christmas’

Then, Burroughs pulls a copy of his 1989 collection of short stories, Interzone off of a bookshelf and opens it to the piece called “The Junky’s Christmas.” As the black and white film cuts away to claymation, Burroughs begins to narrate the sad story of Danny, a heroin addicted hustler who finds himself being let out of New York City jail cell on Christmas morning with no cash and no immediate source for his much needed fix. Now we’re in familiar Burroughs territory.

via ‘The Junky’s Christmas’: The William S. Burroughs short film presented by Francis Ford Coppola | Dangerous Minds.


Warm Tidings?

Nothing says Christmas Spirit like sleeping with the windows open & 60 degrees outside at near midnight… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

War On Christmas: Day 14

Santa Clause Headstone with Child Crying

Santa Claus 1836-2000

Don’t worry white kids, that is just the OTHER Santa Clauses that served communities of Color.

According to Fox News & Megyn Kelly (that noted hard-hitting newsperson with how many awards? _yep)