ART we LIKE: Pierre Jean-Louis

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Previously the work of Pierre Jean-Louis has appeared here and gotten quite a lot of attention. Thought it well past time to highlight some newer work!


ART we LIKE: mirrored canoe project


It is the experience of paddling on still and quiet nights, the sky clear and the moon yet to rise that moved me to create this work.  The mirror like surface of the water reflects the stars and I am given the sensation of moving myself through them. As the moon rises the small ripples from my paddle and canoe cutting through the water send the reflected light dancing across its surface.  It is in these moments that I feel myself in intimate conversation with my environment. Not simply a creature living in this world but a part of its very nature; the earth, air, water and light living around me, within me and through me. In this project I attempt to make visible the silent language of this conversation.

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