Use Data to Eliminate Advertising Budget Waste

…using data to enhance the marketing process is hardly a revolutionary idea. Data has always fueled the marketing engine. What has changed is that marketers can now capture a great deal more data than ever before. With exponentially growing data sources, data-driven marketing is no longer a best practice. It’s a core practice.

And with improvements in technology, data has become more [sic] useable. Applying advanced analytics, data scientists can manipulate vast amounts of data in myriad ways to produce rich insights. These insights can then drive fact-based marketing strategies.

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Ashley Madison vs Big Data Analysis

Almost None of the Women in the Ashley Madison Database Ever Used the Site

The question is, how do you find fakes in a sea of data? Answering that becomes more difficult when you consider that even real users of Ashley Madison were probably giving fake information at least some of the time. But wholesale fakery still leaves its traces in the profile data. I spoke with a data scientist who studies populations, who told me to compare the male and female profiles in aggregate, and look for anomalous patterns.

My analysis had to be entirely based on the profiles themselves, not the credit card data. There is no such thing as a “paid account” for women because women don’t have to pay for anything on Ashley Madison. As a result, I couldn’t use “paid account” as a proxy for “real,” the way analysts have done with the male data. Plus, the credit card data does not list gender — so it would have been impossible to be certain of gender ratios in the credit card information anyway. In the profile database, each Ashley Madison member has a number of data fields, including obvious things like nickname, gender, birthday, and turn-ons; but the member profile also contains data that is purely for administrative use, like the email address used to create the account, and when the person last checked their Ashley Madison inbox. Continue reading