The filmmaker tearing up the gay scene’s body image bullshit:

NoFatsNoFemmes documentary: Confidence is not a destination, it is an ongoing journey

“The goal is revolution. The goal is not for a fat, femme or trans feminine person to be fucking desired – because we are desired. What I want is for people to turn inward and interrogate the source of their own desires. I want to deconstruct, decolonise and to dismantle beauty as a system of domination, so that one person is not to be held up as a standard of beauty when there is a multitude of possibilities.”

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Author’s intent?

 Early Deconstruction functioned through the engagement of prolonged analyses of particular texts. Later Deconstruction functioned through this process as well, but not to the same extent.
Deconstruction relies on the commitment to the rigorous analysis of the literal meaning of a text. This means finding the authors intent. 

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