We Are Not Things

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  3. We Are Not Things

Willi Ninja (1961-2006)

Oooh, child, you are fierce


Willi Ninja (aka William Roscoe Leake)

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Bottom gifs from useless-phlegm via Tumblr:

“Deep in Vogue” video featuring Willi Ninja, Aldonna Xtravaganza, and Adrian Xtravaganza 1989 (music by Malcolm McLaren)

Eight years ago the world lost one of its brightest stars.

Where to start with a personality both as charming as he was talented. There have only been two times that have left me awe-struck & speechless, one of which were the few occasions we met. There is nearly no day that goes by when I don’t think of him, channeling his grace/style/spirit. #RestInPower



“He also taught models how to strut, giving stars like Naomi Campbell pointers early in their careers.”


The Guardian Obituary:  Dance master who took voguing from the gay club scene on to the catwalk


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GoT: Just Six More

Today’s Gallery: GIFS naturally make it more fun

Game of Thrones Countdown: 6 days left

Ain’t nothing without that Gif:

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There is nothing I love in this world more than an animated gif. Little slices of heaven. Rolling across your Tumblr dashboard. It is an addiction really. Do you like gifs? Tell me in the comments below! These are just my favorites, let me know in the comments any you would like to see and I’ll add them.

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