While You Slept: #NoDAPL

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Last Night while you watched TV, hugged your loved ones, tucked your kids in, the Water Protectors at Standing Rock were pelted with rubber bullets, had tear gas fired on them, and then in freezing temperatures had Water Cannons blasted on them. Continue reading

#BWinROCK: Support Black Women in Rock

Skunk Anansie performing #BWinROCK

It’s Nadine The Ranter (@BlackWomenRock) from Twitter again! Knocking on the doors of your mentions like a door-to-door salesman to promote a project called #BWinRock. This is something I have started to center black women as creators, pioneers and gatekeepers of rock music.

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Two Days Running:

Not humblebragging in the least, for that is our least favorite human trait on social media. But to highlight how good seeing this message two days in a row is, serendipitously while writing a page & a few posts to explain not only the genesis of this blog, but the rather circuitous route it took to its current form. While also trying to explain some of its eccentricities, and highlighting some of the content that doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as the rest, and finally talking about the content that consistently brings people here. The dichotomy between the two which is borne out of a conversation with a dear friend I’d not spoken to in years. They didn’t even know I was still blogging!?!?

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Oscars vs #OscarsSoWhite

Oscars So White Backlash

New research shows that you only need handful of influencers to give the impression that everyone is talking about your brand. How does this apply to microbrands and movements like #OscarsSoWhite or #BlackLivesMatter? We investigate the power of the network to change dominant narratives and how you can use this in your marketing efforts. [Read More…]

Captain Angela Bassett

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Uhura with child saying "Representation Matters"+Commentary: OMGOMGOMGOMG. NO. ZZZZZZZOOOOOOMMMMGGGGGGG! This is like the greatest crowdsourced casting suggestion I’ve ever seen. Then add a pitch perfect piece of fan art that photoshops her in the uniform looking forward to taking on entire galaxies & solving crisis like a Bawse! I can’t even take the idea that they would now cast anyone else, and hopefully she would consider it a challenge. Having not read anything other than the hashtag on Twitter, and being late to the party surrounding it — let me put forth that if they wrote it so she was Uhuru’s daughter. I’d DIE. Literally, up & die screaming at the TV.  Growing up with the original series, and really connecting with Nichelle Nichols out of all the characters, then watching the Saturday Morning Cartoon series, and imagining when I finally grew up there would be a job waiting for me that took me to outer space. *sigh* that never happened tho’ 😦

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#CivilRightsTwitter RT if you sick & tired of being sick & tired

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Now, what on earth are they thinking!?!? Civil Rights Movement icons mashed up with Twitter? No way! I’m reticent to post these here, but some of them are just too good to pass up, and I’ve seen a lot of screencaps (with the original tweeters removed) on Instagram, and very few if any on Tumblr. So here is the Trigger Warning: DISRESPECTFUL to many of your faves from the CRM. None of these here feature the overly lewd or straight up sexual, so when people complain about it, that response is appropriate. After all you can’t hold a humorous crowd-sourced event, and not expect some people to take it too far. Many featured here and others seen were spot on about the behind the scenes tensions that we only found out about later.  Continue reading

Black Panther cub on New Era of Civil Action

Perhaps that is why, 25 years later, the Movement for Black Lives has been birthed into being by a thousand leaders instead of one.

Perhaps that is why the Movement for Black Lives refuses to hot box the stale smoke of narrow cultural nationalism, and instead embraces an intersectional approach that seeks a new nation where all Black Lives Matter.

via Magazine: Black Panther cub on new era of civil actionAl Jazeera English.