In the wake of annihilation, they were also persecuted

In memory of the homosexual men that suffered here. There were 650 Rosa-Winkel prisoners in the Buchenwald concentration camp between 1937-1945. Many of them lost their lives.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Jan. 27:

Pictured above: A pink triangle (rosa winkel in German) memorial plaque at Buchenwald concentration camp is one of three in Germany dedicated to LGBT prisoners and victims who perished during the Holocaust. Stones are left on the marker as a sign of respect and a way to honor the memory of the deceased.

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World marks International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Wednesday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, the date the United Nations has chosen to commemorate victims of the Holocaust during World War II. Six million Jews were murdered by Germany’s Nazi regime, along with 5 million non-Jews who were killed.

The anniversary, marked each year since 2005, falls on the anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp in Poland by the Russian army in 1945.

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Persecution of Homosexuals in the Third Reich

The Nazis interned some homosexuals in concentration camps immediately after the seizure of power in January 1933. Those interned came from all areas of German society, and often had only the cause of their imprisonment in common. Some homosexuals were interned under other categories by mistake, and the Nazis purposefully miscategorized some political prisoners as homosexuals. Prisoners marked by pink triangles to signify homosexuality were treated harshly in the camps. According to many survivor accounts, homosexuals were among the most abused groups in the camps.

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