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When Brinne Met Tormund

When Brienne Met Tormund-spoof-trailer comp

When Seven Kingdoms are fighting one another over who gets to sit in a specific chair, and an army of the undead is marching on the realms of men, there is little time for true romance. Which is what makes it all the more special when two brave warriors find each other, not on the battlefield of war, but on the battlefield of love. When Brienne Met Tormund isn’t just the romantic comedy that Westeros needs right now, it’s the love story the known world has always been waiting for. Tormund Giantsbane, the big, loud wildling trying to make his way in a strange world, and Brienne of Tarth, the maid born to be a knight who keeps swearing her allegiance to people that end up dead, both came to Castle Black for very different reasons, but now they find themselves trying to conquer their feelings for one another, a battle they only win if they lose themselves in the arms of the other. This latest film from Garry R.R. Marshall (Four Red Weddings and a Funeral) also features Jamie and Cersei

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