Who needs algorithms?

Hire a human editor instead?!?


Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube are all getting into the content curation business in an effort to boil down their collections of user posts into more focused streams that users can actually absorb. And here’s the kicker: While Facebook has been doing this to your News Feed for years with an ever-evolving software algorithm, the new wave of curators are hiring human editors to get things just right.

In the past week, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all announced new curation features that rely on humans to sift through and select the best content from their massive collections of user posts. YouTube is using Storyful editors to verify breaking news videos in a new newsroom page, Twitter is building a project known as Lightning to curate streams of tweets around major events and Instagram is now pulling photos into themed category pages to live within the app’s search tab.

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Jon Snow Vigil Found

Of course it is in Billyburg (Williamsburg, NYC for those who don’t live here) and by the subway too! #convenient
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Stop Bullying or Stop Stealing?

stolen_not attributed Bullying Poster Series

This is an example of someone taking another person’s work & sharing it to great effect, without attributing it to the artist in any way. Notice it has 73k likes, BUT 223k shares. That is a ton of people to see & share or like a post, remarkable by any account. The comments (what few I saw) were rather childish in nature and I avoided them after that, poking fun at the idea, and should be expected on something that gets that many shares on Facebook, it just becomes a chance for people to clown the concept.

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