NSFW: Erotica — Madonna

Madonna:  EROTICA

)[dirty f*ck remix by sydney_electra](

+Commentary:  This song is finally “of age”  (…read more)

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Grace Jones: Original #Afropunk

Unwilling, unlikely and perhaps even unable to conform, her success in music, as well as fashion and film, was a thumb in the eye of the Western world for its overly masculine tastes in Jamaican music and exaggeratedly feminine standards of beauty. A professional model since the age of 18, she was no doubt acutely aware that her physicality was a focal point and thus weaponized it accordingly.

via Grace Jones: Original Afropunk | NOISEY.

Commentary: Great read on the career of Grace Jones & her enigmatic performance at this weekend’s Afropunk Festival in Brooklyn. Do read the whole thing, it is mercifully short for a woman whose career has spanned many decades, but it is poignantly reverential about her impact and influence on music.