Alfredo Jaar: Be Afraid…

Be Afraid of the Enormity of the Possible - Alberta Jaar neon installation

The Sound of Silence, a major installation work by acclaimed New York based artist, architect and filmmaker Alfredo Jaar. Jaar’s works often address issues around how Africa is represented in the media. This particular work takes, as its point of departure, South African photographer Kevin Carter’s Pulitzer Prize winning photograph of a starving child being stalked by a vulture in Sudan (2006).



The Benjamin Franklin Effect

Pay attention to when the cart is getting before the horse. Notice when a painful initiation leads to irrational devotion, or when unsatisfying jobs start to seem worthwhile. Remind yourself pledges and promises have power, as do uniforms and parades. Remember in the absence of extrinsic rewards you will seek out or create intrinsic ones. Take into account [that] the higher the price you pay for your decisions the more you value them. See that ambivalence becomes certainty with time. Realize that lukewarm feelings become stronger once you commit to a group, club, or product. Be wary of the roles you play and the acts you put on, because you tend to fulfill the labels you accept. Above all, remember the more harm you cause, the more hate you feel. The more kindness you express, the more you come to love those you help.


— David McRaney

You are NOW Less DUMB

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