Most Shared: 2016

  1. Uhura Barbie [50th Anniversary]
  2. Spock Barbie: Highly Logical
  3. Maya: Harlem Hopscotch
  4. #StopBullying Poster Series
  5. Muhammad Ali: Candid Camera and Kids
  6. Pooh, I feel you.
  7. Muhammad Ali: Obituary
  8. Coral Island Marine Park
  9. GoT:The Bastard Bowl Is On
  10. Favorite of 2015

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ALI: what was most important to me

When I started getting attacked so bad because I am a Muslim, I had to decide, if it would come to me having to give up one or the other, what was most important to me, my religion or my fighting. I made up my mind that I could give up fighting and never look back. Because it’s a whole pile of other ways I could make a living. Me being the world heavyweight champion feels very small and cheap to me when I put that alongside of how millions of my poor black brothers and sisters are having to struggle just to get their human rights here in America. Maybe God got me here for a sacrifice. I don’t know. But I do know that God don’t want me to go down for standing up.

— Muhammad Ali

Alex Haley Interview, Playboy (1964) 

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