Muhammad Ali: Obituary

But it all stemmed from boxing. His matchless magnificence, the self-proclaimed “greatness”, was invented early as a cheery prizefighter’s publicity stunt. It was a greatness that was to balloon and achieve near-universal acceptance as he became acknowledged as a beacon not only for downtrodden African Americans but for global Islam as well, not to mention the anti-war movement or poverty in developing countries. In the middle of press conferences, reporters would earnestly ask him about solving the Palestine problem, or if he could have a quiet word with Moscow about President Ronald Reagan’s star wars programme. Ali was a rebel with a cause – lots of them.

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See That His Grave’s Kept Green

Confederate Headstone by DAKrólak

Image: Fayetteville, NC Headstone © D.A. Królak 2012. All Rights Reserved

Wed. Nov. 9, 1881: “Death of Co. McKethan. Col Hector McKethan, the brave commander of the 51st N. C. Regiment, during the rebellion, died at the residence of his father in Fayetteville last Sunday afternoon. Col McKethan, at the beginning of the war, entered the service of his country as first-lieutenant of Co. H, Fayetteville volunteers, and at the expiration of the first six months, the term for which his company enlisted, he returned home with the remnant of the Fayetteville battalion who had not yet re-enlisted, but not to remain. Continue reading