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Foxy Brown (1974) — Art of the Title

Art of Title_Foxy Brown

…its presentation is a deliberate and unsubtle homage to Maurice Binder’s early James Bond titles, lending breakout star Pam Grier credibility by association while maintaining a controlled aesthetic all its own. However, unlike Binder’s treatment of women as graphic backdrops for his titles, here the format is flipped on its head, with Foxy Brown front and center as an independent, sexy female lead.

via Foxy Brown (1974) | Art of the Title.



It could be your brother too, or your sister, or your children. I want justice for all of them.FOXY BROWN

Kicking Asses & Shattering Stereotypes



To be a woman taking on the task of taking down a drug cartel while simultaneously trying to save Black women from the exploitation of prostituion/pimping was major. Major!! This was also one of the first times pimps were portrayed as villains, which was key to Foxy’s existence as the protagonist. Pimps were becoming something like heroes in the Black community, revered by many, adored for their fashion, money, power, and influence. Foxy’s mission was to shut that down literally and figuratively.



— Feminista Jones

via Foxy Brown: Kicking Asses and Shattering Stereotypes | Feminista Jones.

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