PRINCE: New Girl setlist

by Steve Welch

April 21 at 10:05pm · Los Angeles, CA

When Prince was on New Girl the storyline was that our characters got to attend a party at his house. To that end, he sent us a playlist of songs he would actually play at his parties. Here is that playlist, it’s a good one:
City in the Sky…The Staple Singers
Country John…Allen Toussaint
Fire…Ohio Players
Happy House…Shuggie Otis
Higher Ground…Stevie Wonder
I Was Made to Love Him…Chaka Khan

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Old Skool

” We flock to the sanctuary to hear the word


to hear the melody


to feel the power


to heal ourselves


there is resolution in the sound


there is hope in the song

there is hope in the song

there is hope in the song… “