Please, Help Me Out!

If I ever say I’m going to the store on Wednesday during the day – remind me it is “Senior Discount Day” and then tell me I better not.


Nobody likes to elbow grandma, least of all me.

Perfection is So Imperfect!

While we can chase the illusion of perfection, my personal mythos of the perfect has always been imagined as a healing garden on a tiny barrier island with open windows and plentiful sea breezes. I’m viscerally reminded that the idea of perfection can be a haunt. Good friend told me 25+ years ago to be careful: “Personal Myths we tell ourselves can be the most damaging of all”

Thanks Jerry!

(This was inspired by a post on Black Girl in Maine: Winds of Change)

Burn baby burn

Whoever developed an auto-roll video ad for IBT that after muting stays muted for 5 seconds (long enough for you to scroll away) and then unmutes has earned a special punishment in hell…

Holding Tinh Cha over my nipples & let me just tell you — if you’ve not tried it, then please don’t judge me.


Dear NewYawkers!

 Ya’ll is LOUD AF


Some of us hermits would appreciate it if you could keep it below the rumble of a garbage truck.


Awards go to the woman so old she needs one of those walker/seat things who YELLED AT THE TOP of her lungs for being called YaYa (which is Grandma in Greek, or something) then when she got outside – an older gentleman called her the same thing & she started again, talking about:




Take it easy gramma, you gonna catch a case like that

Poor Kitty

Just bounced so hard that the cat nearly fell off the damn bed, she saved it… (which is not her typical clutzishness) Making me so proud….


Dear Holly,

After the day I’ve had, you can not jump down from the dining room table chairs & not expect me to have a heart attack. If your mission was for me to die so you could eat my face off, you were almost successful. I applaud you for having some skills. But it is game on. BRANG IT.

Yours Truly,

D.A. Królak

[stop it]

Okay, apparently my cats don’t like the competition that if I’m gonna stay up all night, I can’t interrupt their shows.

They stay giving them all night long.

Quick Cat Nap. Repeat.