Is Barbie still Relevant?

This effort to remake Barbie as a progressive icon appears to be a calculated business decision on Mattel’s part to win over today’s millennial parents. While Barbie is still a powerful force in the toy market, generating $971 million in sales in 2016, younger parents have been less keen on buying the doll for their daughters than those in generations past.  Mattel has seen sales of Barbie spiral downward since 2009.

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In other words, Barbie is caught in a bind: Mattel needs to sell parents on more progressive versions of the doll, but it might take years of marketing for this new version of Barbie to become familiar and exciting enough for kids to want them. “You have to do more than offer one of these curvy or career dolls in the corner,” Brown says. “It’s a chicken and egg problem: If you offer enough of these dolls, over time, once kids get used to them, eventually they will start asking for them. Then the dolls will become profitable and it would be worth stocking them.”

Barbie 2018 Lineup inclusive

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Donna Brazile: “I Have a Dream… for the Oscars”

Donna Brazille

Political Strategist Donna Brazile: “I Have a Dream… for the Oscars”

Right now, the people of Flint, Michigan — a predominately African-American city — cannot get safe tap water, and young black people are being killed and imprisoned all over this country because of a flawed system of justice. It may seem flippant to be upset about the lack of African-American nominees for the Academy Awards, but the right to dream is as vital as any right enumerated in the Constitution.

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Why is homosexuality always fodder for comedy?

Gay jokes have long been used for comic relief in film, but why? Is it ironic, or does the taboo topic of homosexuality simply make us all giggle? Regardless, it often ends up ridiculing homosexuality. Homoerotic tension and hyper-masculine themes are handily laid into plots for irony’s sake. The term ‘bromance’ was invented just to assert heterosexuality, to make sure everybody knew that “all that gay stuff” was just a joke.

— Cassie Grimaldi

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Nichelle Nichols recounts her epic Star Trek talk with MLK Jr

nichelle nichols as lt uhura star trek 1967

and he said, ‘you cannot leave. Do you understand, it has been heavenly ordained. This is God’s gift, and onus for you. You have changed the face of television. Forever. Because this is not a black role, it is not a female role – anyone can fill that role.’ He said, ‘it can be filled by a woman of any color, a man of any color, it can be filled by another Klingon or an alien.’ He said, ‘this is a unique role and a unique point in time that breathes the life of what we are marching for: equality.’ He says, ‘besides, you’re Chief Communications Officer, you’re fourth in command!’

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