How many for #SamDubose

How Many for #SamDubose - Gwen Ifill



#IfIDieInPoliceCustody the White & Black media would never let you see this picture & they'd blame me for my death.

This is a the heartbreaking twin to #IfTheyGunnedMeDown and a sad commentary on the news surrounding the death of Sandra Bland. Reading them is very emotional, and achingly poignant to imagine having to give a directive to the public in case of an untimely encounter & death at the hands of police. Especially given the low suicide rate among African-Americans, the troubling events surrounding this story, the lack of answers, and a multitude of questions.

Once again, the victim in this case is already being tainted by release of her previous report and saying in a video that she “sorta suffered from Depression & PTSD” using her very own words, which may have been said off-the-cuff to basically obscure the case, and subvert justice. A thorough investigation and what should be ongoing outrage and protest over this matter. Visit #IfIDieInPoliceCustody or see a few of the tweets below the break ~

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Black users on Vine

“Blackness contains multitudes and black Vine magnifies the diversity therein.”

Vine allows for hilarious, multi-faceted, complex and game-changing
commentary that is not possible elsewhere

This article on Black Users on Vine: “Celebrating Blackness 6 seconds at a time” by Hannah Giorgis [ @ethiopienne ] is very laudable, yet open to what I consider a serious critique. Especially given her previous focus on activist causes, and her ability even to see Black Art as both personal & political  and recognizing that as dangerous too. To relegate the activist angle to a single link or a quick mention of it documenting Ferguson, while also lauding it as democratizing is concerning and should be addressed.

This critique primarily focuses on the original article ignoring the element of social activism & justice while lauding it for its pop culture swag, when much of the humor as she duly notes is a cultural critique on whiteness & its supremacy. To me these things are inextricably linked. It is perhaps, specifically because I was only initially encouraged to use Vine, because of Antonio French’s dispatches from Ferguson, that this issue is so important to me. Other people too have used it with great effect at raising awareness, generating humor, while also enlightening us. It is a very strong tool at critiquing media coverage specifically. Continue reading

True Black Tales

"No, I didn't mean you, you're not black. You're great!" #TrueBlackTales jesse williams

Last night, another response to the ongoing saga of Rachel Dolezal happened, not at all unlike #AskRachel, but less humorous, it tackles the tough notion of what microaggressions sound and feel like. By communally sharing the things people say to African-Americans in this country on a daily basis. While not receiving nearly the exposure as #AskRachel or even #RachelDolezalMemoirTitles, the hashtag is ostensibly to educate and illuminate for readers the constant barrage of questions and/or statements and the accompanying pain associated with them.  It is suggested reading for everyone.

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