Violent Posthumous Outings

The Orlando-Shooting Victims Who May Have Been Outed by the Attacks

My gay friends from that time and place in my life have similar stories—we’re children of immigrants, once closeted and fearful of how our families would react when they found out. I can’t stop thinking about the possibility that someone like us was hurt or murdered at Pulse on Sunday morning, outed in the very worst way, in a phone call every family dreads. For some parents, such a call would be a double heartbreak.I have no idea whether it happened, but the mere potential that it might is wrenching. A New York Times story about the 49 people who died on Sunday tells the story of one young man whose parents in Mexico don’t know about his boyfriend of roughly three years. He escaped the massacre, but his boyfriend did not.I have many queer friends whose American roots are generations deep, but who struggled as much as my friends and I did to reveal themselves to their families.

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Two Days Running:

Not humblebragging in the least, for that is our least favorite human trait on social media. But to highlight how good seeing this message two days in a row is, serendipitously while writing a page & a few posts to explain not only the genesis of this blog, but the rather circuitous route it took to its current form. While also trying to explain some of its eccentricities, and highlighting some of the content that doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as the rest, and finally talking about the content that consistently brings people here. The dichotomy between the two which is borne out of a conversation with a dear friend I’d not spoken to in years. They didn’t even know I was still blogging!?!?

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Oscars vs #OscarsSoWhite

Oscars So White Backlash

New research shows that you only need handful of influencers to give the impression that everyone is talking about your brand. How does this apply to microbrands and movements like #OscarsSoWhite or #BlackLivesMatter? We investigate the power of the network to change dominant narratives and how you can use this in your marketing efforts. [Read More…]

The wedding photo from Ground Zero

When Elizabeth Stringer Keefe was given a wedding photo that had been found at Ground Zero in the aftermath of 9/11, it became her mission to try to track down the people in the picture, dead or alive, in the hope of returning the snap to its rightful owner. Thirteen years later, she has finally been able to do just that. Simon Usborne hears her extraordinary story.

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Exposure Trolling

Twitch y may be one of the most powerful political platforms online, but its role as an organized harassment tool is almost never discussed.


*Twitch y is intentional to keep this site from showing up if you search for this abusive #exposuretrolling BS & what have you’s that come with calling them out.

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Facebook & Twitter Scrutinized Over Auto-Play 

“If I were Twitter or Facebook today, I’d start thinking about how to monitor this more closely,” says Christopher Finlay, an associate professor of communication at Loyola Marymount University. “Right now, safeguards are not in place.”

One solution, Finlay suggests, is to make auto-play a feature that users have to opt into, instead of the current opt-out system. But he adds that there’s no real solution for stopping sensitive content from spreading online. “There’s no way to get the genie back in the bottle,” he says.

via Facebook, Twitter Scrutinized Over Auto-Play After Virginia TV Shooting Clip Surfaces | Hollywood Reporter

Commentary:   There is a much broader conversation to be had around this subject than the above article touches on. The two below (and probably a host of others) do a good job of discussing journalistic ethics as we now each have to think of ourselves as editors to our own media outlets.

For the most part the other day was spent reporting or flagging the Shooter POV footage as violent, which kept cropping up on every site visited. It was like a grotesque game of whack-a-mole. Self-Reportage is not the way or even a feasible answer. The videos were removed somewhat quickly, but the damage in this case was already done. When a crisis of this magnitude unfolds on social media platforms, the companies have an obligation and a duty to respond quickly. Most if not all of them allow young people as old as 13 to join their sites and it would seem that aside from a moral imperative there remains an insidious fact that copy-cats were inspired by this tactic and there will be more attempts in months and years to come. Continue reading