Hidden Figures

Meet the Women You Don’t Know Behind the Mission You Do

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Curiosity has my heart!

(And the Three employees who comprise the message)

In case you didn’t know, or hadn’t read, my huge nerd crush is on the  Mars Rover “Curiosity” because it sends out the funniest, smartest, and quirkiest mashup of popular culture & cutting edge science in its tweets! While everyone was gaga over Bobak Ferdowsi (the meme worthy technician) that is exactly the type of feeling that Curiosity inspires in me. Perhaps this feeling, aided by good social media & branding, is a result of having stayed up to watch it land on a live feed. Done the way others watch the birth of their first child.

It was an amazing night, that will always live with me, and with each accomplishment or tweet – who can help but beam with pride? Follow the Mars Curiosity Rover on Twitter, you shouldn’t regret it!