Most Popular | October

10 Most Popular Posts:

  1. Ode To Chicken Lyrics

  2. Gartner Hype Cycle 2015

  3. Apollo 11 Flight Dynamics [Infographic]

  4. RIP: Edwige Belmore

  5. #CosbyVsCliff

  6. #StopBullying Poster Series

  7. GoT: Jon Snow Must Die?

  8. Tom Hardy [Appreciation Post]

  9. Straight Outta…

  10. Liberté | Égalité | Beyoncé

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Most Popular: Quarterly

Q3 2015: The most popular posts of the past 3 months


  1. #StopBullying Poster Series
  2. Straight Outta…#StraightOutta Memes
  3. Tom Hardy Appreciation Post
  4. Stop Bullying or Stop Stealing?
  5. Ode To Chicken Lyrics
  6. #StoneMountain7
  7. GoT: These Crows Ain’t Loyal
  8. Apollo 11 Flight Dynamics [Infographic]
  9. we’re having a misunderstanding
  10. GoT: More Memes from Season Five
  11. GoT: Ramsay Bolton
  12. If you cant point Zimbabwe out on this map
  13. Mad Max: Fury Road | alt minimalist posters
  14. #ARTweLIKE: Antonio Mora
  15. Mad Max: FURY ROAD | New Trailer Alert
  16. #DearNonNatives
  17. No end in sight for #StraightOutta
  18. Constellation: Evolution
  19. GoT: LOVE to HATE him [George R.R. Martin]
  20. PSA: Keep your kitty off the streets
  21. Liberté | Égalité | Beyoncé
  22. David Bowie [ICON]
  23. #BernieSoBlack?
  24. GoT: Memes [Dance of Dragons]
  25. RIP: Edwige Belmore

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Stop Bullying or Stop Stealing?

stolen_not attributed Bullying Poster Series

This is an example of someone taking another person’s work & sharing it to great effect, without attributing it to the artist in any way. Notice it has 73k likes, BUT 223k shares. That is a ton of people to see & share or like a post, remarkable by any account. The comments (what few I saw) were rather childish in nature and I avoided them after that, poking fun at the idea, and should be expected on something that gets that many shares on Facebook, it just becomes a chance for people to clown the concept.

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