New Works of Art Discovered

Recent #MyNYC Snaps:

Homage to Irving Penn-NYC © 2016 D.A. Królak. All Rights Reserved.

Homage to Irving Penn-NYC © 2016 D.A. Królak. All Rights Reserved.

Commentary: There are so many stupendous things to take in on any given day in NYC, hence I started using the #MyNYC hashtag to identify these little moments of joy. Encapsulated in these and other brief respites from the day-to-day grind. Each one a moment of zen to stop and ponder the little things.

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NYC Developers May Destroy Original Keith Haring Mural 

Keith Haring Mural Baby

Further evidence that the city is intent on shaking off any sign of personality that could distinguish it from, say, a strip mall in Terre Haute, Indiana: An original Keith Haring mural from the early ’80s, which winds through the stairwells of a rental house in Morningside, is quite likely to be painted over in a bid to entice more monied tenants into the building. Continue reading

My Sixtine Chapelle in Paisley Park

As you may know, I had the luck of working with him, through his team (no, one does not just work with Prince…). I got to sell him the rights to a couple of my images. Already a dream come true.

But there was more to come. Much more.

Thanks to my friend Lydia (the graphic de(s)igner behind much of the images coming from NPG lately), I was considered to decorate the main recording studio in Paisley Park.

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