Two Days Running:

Not humblebragging in the least, for that is our least favorite human trait on social media. But to highlight how good seeing this message two days in a row is, serendipitously while writing a page & a few posts to explain not only the genesis of this blog, but the rather circuitous route it took to its current form. While also trying to explain some of its eccentricities, and highlighting some of the content that doesn’t get nearly as much traffic as the rest, and finally talking about the content that consistently brings people here. The dichotomy between the two which is borne out of a conversation with a dear friend I’d not spoken to in years. They didn’t even know I was still blogging!?!?

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Tis the Season

A week into my advent calendar and behind each door is another nightmare….

PS: I’m kidding, don’t have an advent calendar….

Please, Help Me Out!

If I ever say I’m going to the store on Wednesday during the day – remind me it is “Senior Discount Day” and then tell me I better not.


Nobody likes to elbow grandma, least of all me.

Burn baby burn

Whoever developed an auto-roll video ad for IBT that after muting stays muted for 5 seconds (long enough for you to scroll away) and then unmutes has earned a special punishment in hell…

Holding Tinh Cha over my nipples & let me just tell you — if you’ve not tried it, then please don’t judge me.


Dear Dropbox:

NOT TODAY, Satan …

DAKRólak screencap_Dropbox offer

no sir—You do realize that Google & One Drive offer me 15GB
And you want me to jump through hoops for a 250mb bonus?
What is this 1998? Yeah, I’m gonna let Jesus Fix That!