Ten Commandments Live-Tweet

Ten Commandments Anniversary Poster-in theaters

While I missed this, also missed the annual airing on ABC of The Ten Commandments, and was only alerted when people were looking at the memes created two years ago. So this year I’m going to watch it onDemand & live-tweet, plus create new memes, because every time it is watched something new pops out. Watching without all the commercials should make it faster, but making the memes etc…is taking a bit longer, so I’ll probably finish at 5am! There are very few traditions in American life I embrace, this is to me what Wizard of Oz is to others, and wouldn’t miss it for anything but now in the age of cord-cutting it seems instead of watching along & commenting on social media with all my friends, it will have to be all of you that gets tortured by my running gag-commentary.

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Bumrush the stage…

The other night found  me wondering who might rush the stage of a presidential hopeful, and suffer the full force of the Secret Service, and pondering even if it was a worthwhile tactic. It didn’t occur to me that this might have been a young man I’d been following since August of last year, when he and others staged the #StoneMountain7  protest. Luckily he managed to get a sit-down with CNN to explain why he did it:

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