GoT: Happy Father’s Day Westorosi Style

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Game of Thrones Memes

Season 5: Dance of Dragons

How to train your drogon mock poster game of thrones

This season has been light on quality memes, even last week’s episode “Hardhome” only produced a smattering, and given that it seems HBO had no budget left for any quality posters, or branding, etc… (that all seems to have been spent getting HBO:Now up & running) it really hasn’t been a good year for it. Plus this season, as complicated and problematic as it has been seems more rife for producing controversy over memes.
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GoT: Just Six More

Today’s Gallery: GIFS naturally make it more fun

Game of Thrones Countdown: 6 days left

Ain’t nothing without that Gif:

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There is nothing I love in this world more than an animated gif. Little slices of heaven. Rolling across your Tumblr dashboard. It is an addiction really. Do you like gifs? Tell me in the comments below! These are just my favorites, let me know in the comments any you would like to see and I’ll add them.

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