#12Days12MixTapes Challenge

Twelve Days | Twelve Mixes from the #MixTapeArchives

by DAKrólak (playlist)

So for each day from Christmas to Three Kings Day, like wise men bearing gifts, there will be a new mix as an offering. Many (but not all) were gifts or presents presented to people spanning the last 20 years. Don’t be surprised if some songs are repeated, that is a given with any mixes spanning two decades.

You can listen to all Twelve Tapes in one sitting or choose which ones you are most interested by checking out the the listing below – and listen one at a time:


  1. Christmas 99
  2. Sound | Vision [1995] | {Side A} | {Side B}
  3. Christmas 2003
  4. Trilogy: 2008 | Am I Blue?
  5. Trilogy: 2008 | No More Drama
  6. Trilogy: 2008 | I ❤ NYC
  7. NY 2015
  8. Farewell, DC [1993]
  9. sex-LOVE-imagination [1995]
  10. Birthday Tape PhDj
  11. TBD
  12. TBD
  13. TBD

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