Below is a list of the ongoing topics that this blog is primarily focused with. While its content has shifted in the past few years to become a microblogging platform, collecting & curating bits of information or media that should resurface in these serialized posts covering a wide range of themes. All of which, will in some way, concern the shifting paradigm between consumed culture and that which is self-generated. The transference of small bits of information into larger more expositional critique of the modern conundrums we all face.  This insight is gleaned from years of working in the emerging world of what was once called ‘New Media’ and is now simply referred to as Social Media or Media. This experiment is trying to find the intersections in the way all of this has impacted our lives, networks, and reorganized the personal dynamic at play in an entire host of ways. From the way we choose which movie to see, support our friends in need, or even just decide where to focus our attention.

Prevailing wisdom, or thoughtful writing (more so than your current author can claim) on this subject does exist. Finding it usually requires searching arcane journals and are the purview strictly of modern academics who are trying to facilitate a way for companies working in these fields to better maximize their profit. Sometimes you can find the stray piece of social science that is properly calibrated towards helping forward our understanding on the emerging landscape.

So the goal is to provide that in essays that addresses it from a more approachable level.

Another section is strictly for the curated content, these include photographers you can follow on social media, Poem-A-Day for National Poetry Month, the ICON series of my personal favorites who push the boundaries & frequently the acceptable societal envelopes the world would have them reside in. They are people redefining their narratives & usually over long storied careers.


  1. Metrics to Movements: Social Media Metrics of Social Movements

  2. [Icon] Series: Curated galleries of iconoclastic artists

  3. National Poetry Month 2015: Poem-A-Day

  4. #P2foIG: Photographers to Follow on InstaGram

  5. 31 days x 31 photos: Selection of NYC Photos by D.A. Królak

  6. 30 Days of Pride: June 2015

  7. So You Have A Page/Site Now What? [Advice/Tips]

  8. Remembering: Alexander ‘Lee’ McQueen

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