31 days x 31 photos

For far too long the hundreds of thousands of pictures that litter my multiple hard drives or computers languished. The thought of dusting them off, cleaning them up, watermarking and so on seemed a task that required too much work. So as a challenge to myself, and a gauge to what it  takes, it occurred to me to try on a smaller scale like a month.

Suprisingly the photos, since we are a visual culture now have garnered loads of likes and views and are quickly becoming one of the more popular things on my blog. Taking photos of Flora, Fauna, and your unusual street scenes is just part of my everyday life and has been for years. So this has heartened me to expand it (as my schedule permits) and do it for everyday of the year. Not sure if that is feasible, but I’m encouraged by the attention they have received.

If you prefer they also available in a Flickr album.


Album above, links to individual pictures below:

  1. Dahlia


  3. Lil’ Baby #RIP

  4. I still love poetry

  5. Peony

  6. NYC @ Night

  7. Rhino

  8. Still Life with Fig

  9. Indonesian Puppet

  10. Spinning Shoes

  11. Hydrengea

  12. Brunch

  13. Otello

  14. PASTE

  15. Shades of Harlem

  16. Fern & Oxalis

  17. Griffon

  18. PS1 WarmUP

  19. Lookout

  20. HoJos

  21. Grated Pollen

  22. M. G rdon Nov  ty

  23. Plug In

  24. Street Art

  25. Fruits & Vegetables

  26. Toy!

  27. I need a miracle

  28. Rear View

  29. Study in Purple

  30. Partially Sprinkled

  31. Beat Your Kids!

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