While at work, received a phone call from James Raspberry, but caller ID does last name first, so it showed up as “Raspberry Jam”

Insurance company executive refers to high-cost patients as ‘dogs.’ 

In the state of New York, insurers are legally prohibited from discriminating against individuals who submit large claims. So when Guardian, a major insurance company, was faced with the high-cost claims of 37 year-old muscular dystrophy patient Ian Pearl, it decided to cancel its entire line of coverage in the state of New York rather than pay …

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+Note: I guess Ian will have to wait until 2013 when the health care reform kicks in, what are the chances he will continue to live until then, and his family won’t go bankrupt?

Remembering Irving Penn

During his lifetime, Penn photographed so many prominent cultural figures of the 20th century that he came to be regarded as an equal among them. But his stature grew not just because of his venerated subjects—he advanced the genre of portraiture. His formal rigor, graphic daring, and studied simplicity brought the portrait to a new level of representation. The rich, mottled tones with which he crafted his portraits are less about creating mood than about rendering pure physicality. With bold, contrasting light, he cast his accomplished subjects in nothing less than monumental terms—as if each one is chiseled, for the ages, in stone.

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Please, don’t tease me!

Heathers Musical Still Coming to Broadway

By John Del Signore

Wynonna Ryder Heathers Hanging Barbie

Fuck me gently with a chainsaw, producers are still going through with a so-crazy-it-just-might-work plan to turn the ’80s black comedy Heathers into a musical! According to Variety, they’re aiming for a regional run next year, before premiering on Broadway in 2011. Kristen Bell from Gossip Girl has been participating in readings, but she hasn’t yet committed to coming to Broadway. Blow this one Bell and it’s keggers with kids all next year!

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