Ken Schles: Invisible City & Night Walk

During the time in which Schles was revisiting Invisible City he also began looking at all of the other images he had taken during that time. He ended up editing another book, Night Walk, also published by Steidl. The title was inspired by the nights he and friends would spend going from art openings to parties to friends apartments canvassing the neighborhood.

“[The East Village] was so full of life, of people I saw, many of whom are no longer with us and here I am this middle aged guy … I wasn’t looking to do a nostalgic look back at this time because I don’t feel I’m nostalgic about those people and those times, but what I was making was something about what does it mean to be alive and present in a place at a specific time … especially knowing I had all of these losses. So for me that’s what Night Walk became.”

“Ken Schles: Invisible City/Night Walk 1983–1989” is on view at Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York City through March 14.

via Ken Schles: Invisible City and Night Walk take a look at life in the East Village during the 1980s (PHOTOS) | SLATE.